Discovery Strategy Planning


This is the discovery phase, where we like to meet with your senior team to gain a comprehensive appreciation of your business and the challenges you face. We aim to glean as much information as we can during this process, and get substantial answers to essential questions to provide us with the information necessary to devise a constructive strategy.


Having carefully examined the competitive landscape and determined your goals and aspirations, we apply our expertise and knowledge of different media channels to develop an effective and engaging strategy. The result is a definitive plan that will enable us to set about achieving your business objectives, and most importantly, get the maximum from your budget.


Armed with an air-tight strategy and a clear focus we combine knowledge with ideas in the planning phase to develop and create an effective visual solution. The creative process is likely to include copywriting, concepts and visual prototypes.


In today’s competitive marketplace, to simply answer the brief is not always enough if we’re going to stay cutting edge. What we aim to take away from each project is the knowledge that we have a satisfied client with whom we have an ongoing relationship. 

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