Make it a Keeper

on Wednesday, 02 September 2015.

Significance of a College Brochure

The significance of college brochures can be assumed by the fact that around 90% of candidates take admission in a college after taking into deliberate consideration the importance of the brochure. Therefore, if the brochure of a college is not up to the mark and updated frequently, few candidates will apply to that specific college.

A college brochure can help you a lot in getting an overview of the college’s infrastructure. It is important to stay away from colleges that are lacking good infrastructure.

College Life
What kinds of dorms are available? Which co-curricular student committees are there? What other memberships and extracurricular activities can you be a part of? Are there college facilities like a library, sports complex, recreational areas and labs for science and tech students? All these give you a good idea of what will it be like to attend a certain college. In case of online schools and universities, you get to know how studies are conducted, what sort of a time commitment is expected of you, how to communicate with teachers and peers.

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