Open Houses

on Friday, 04 September 2015.

Thinking Outside the Box

Admission Open Houses can often become monotonous and typically involve administrator, faculty, and student presentations, campus tours, power points, explanations of the admission process, etc. Of course, each school conducts their individual event a bit differently in the hopes of distinguishing themselves from their competitors.

Thinking outside the box can lead you in many directions, but it will most definitely lead you on a path to differentiate your school from others. Throughout this process, always be open to change and to consistently try new things. In doing so, it has become quite clear that the possibilities are endless and the results are rewarding. However, the reward is not just in the number of applications elicited from the Open House, but more importantly from the experience of working with the community of people involved in making it a success. So as you prepare for your next Open House, change things up, get the entire school community involved, and think outside the box!

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