Tell Your Brand Story & Attract New Students

on Wednesday, 16 September 2015.


On the surface, social media contests may seem like just a fun way to entertain your school communities online. However, when strategically designed and implemented, they are an incredibly effective way to:
• engage regularly with current students
• attract new potential leads to your social channels (increase your fan base)
• elevate and extend the reach of your brand
• learn more about what your target personas think and are interested in
• generate authentic, user-generated content that can be leveraged across your entire web presence
• drive traffic back to your website to encourage conversions
Inviting current and prospective students to contribute content to your social media contest – in the form of pictures, video, anecdotes, etc – helps add authenticity to those accounts and by extension, to your school brand.

Plus, when contestants contribute personal content, they automatically become more invested in the contest’s outcome and what type of feedback their submission will generate. As a result, they are likely to spend more time monitoring and engaging with your brand on social.


Promote Your School’s Unique Culture

No one can tell your school’s brand story better than current students. Social media contests can incentivise sharing by offering prizes in exchange for anecdotes, images and video that capture something unique about your institution – experiences recorded by students and disseminated through your and their social networks to effectively reach and engage new leads.
Prospective applicants are far more likely to take your students’ word for it than buy into conventional, institutional messages. Generating and sharing “peer proof” is a foundational element of successful social media marketing for schools.

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