“US News & World Report” ranking

on Wednesday, 02 September 2015.

Highly selective colleges want the masses to apply

You’ve got to know that highly selective colleges want the masses to apply. Because when the masses apply, their acceptance rate will invariably seem more competitive. So, yes, highly selective colleges recruit even unqualified students to apply. Students they have no intention of ever admitting. And why? To boost their “US News & World Report” ranking of course.

Many students and their parents believe that they are being recruited by various highly selective colleges because they’re receiving college marketing brochures from these very universities. Is this true? No. Are they being recruited? Well, in a way — yes. These students are being recruited to apply? Why? To boost the number of applicants to a university. After all, the more students that apply, the lower the school’s acceptance rate invariably will be. It’s that simple.

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