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March 2018

We’ve helped many schools and colleges with their brand development and logo creation. Whether you’re looking for a new start or refreshing an existing logo or motif, we offer the best of our design expertise throughout the process.

The School

Greens Farms Academy is an independent day school for grades PreK- 12 located in the Greens Farms area of Westport, CT. Our education is innovative as well as traditional. It takes place in the classroom, in the ecosystems just outside our doors, and digitally across the globe. This is an extraordinary school where over time, students learn to take ownership of their education and to partner with teachers and fellow students in learning to think critically, collaborate, and communicate..

The Mission

GFA engages students as partners in an innovative, inclusive, and globally minded community to prepare them for a life of purpose..


Finding a new brand identity

We consult you throughout the project to ensure that your objectives and timescales are met.  Our tried and tested methodology ensures that each of the elements (name, symbol, type, colour, style) performs an effective role in communicating the values and personality of your institution.

Photo Credits

Naru Inui
Born in Chiba Japan, educated in the United Kingdom.
Graduate, Harrow College of Art, London.

Fashion, Magazines, catalogs and advertising agencies

Fashion, Magazines, catalogs and advertising agencies

St John,United States Virgin Islands
commuted to the US forAssignments
Fashion, Magazines, catalogs and advertising agencies

Los Angeles, California 
Available for both commercial work and personal.
Studio Consulting, Locations, Digital Consulting


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